FOODIE: 5 Weird Food Combinations To Try Out

Food is life. It’s hard to imagine living without a delicious taste lingering in your mouth after consuming a steaming hot plate of jollof rice, or a mountain of strong eba with heavily garnished egusi soup.

Growing up, we were introduced to several food combinations and got used to them. We tend to see these combinations as the norm and consider them palatable. For example, we all know rice and beans are soulmates, and yam and egg are inseparable twins. However, it’s important for you to, once in a while, try new food combinations.

In this article, we push you towards taking a risk by suggesting weird food combinations you can try out.


This unusual combo is everything. All our lives, we believed that egusi only goes well with swallowed food like Amala and Semo. Sorry to break the bad news, but we have been told a big lie. Egusi tastes better with bread, particularly soft bread.

Still, having doubts about this combo? A piece of bread dipped in egusi soup would change your mind.


The few features sardine cans have exhibited over the years are their increasing outrageous prices and versatility. The latter implies it goes well with many food items. So, if you can eat yams and fish sauce with groundnut oil, then eating this combo shouldn’t be different.

Remember, bread and sardines are an overrated combo. Spice things up by substituting boring bread with yam.





Compared to the other items on our list, this combo isn’t too weird. So, if you have yet to try it out, you are missing out on pure, delicious goodness. This combo has a similar taste to the clichéd rice and beans combo. Spaghetti is often regarded as an immediate relative of rice, so eating it with beans is highly advised.





When people say, “the more the merrier,” this combo best explains it. Life is too short for you not to enjoy the various meals that come with it. Though bread and beans is a regular combo, you can add a bowl of oats to the mix just to give your tongue that extra “hmmm” it deserves.





Who else gets tired of using stew to eat rice? Rice is a valuable meal that needs to be treated with the utmost respect it deserves. Respect, in this context, implies opening its door to new combos. Don’t limit the unique potential of rice to just stew or vegetables; OKRO DESERVES A CHANCE. From slime to taste, Okro remains a solid rival to the do-it-all stew


Try one of the food combos listed above today and share your taste experience with us using our comment section below.



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