The song Hello is a Pop and Amapiano fusion Music, written by singer and song writer Onaji Dorothy also known as DORAHH signed under the fast growing management company INSTINCT TALENT. It is infused with catchy and relatable lyrics, coupled with an infectious beat that will most certainly get you on your feet.

If you have ever had wishful thinking or daydreams about certain things in relationships that you hoped would be your reality then this song “HELLO” is perfect for you and should be on your playlist.

If you’ve ever been in a position where you want someone so bad, you just wish they’d pick up their phone and put a call through to you and ask you for a date; oufit ready, pick up arranged, reservation made… and yeah, probably a ring to seal the night (Vivid imagination, right?), then “Hello” will definitely sing to your soul.

The song was a burst of inspiration from personal experiences to reality check, lifestyle and trends, and I especially love the fact that it is not your conventional love story. It’s a story of lust, desire, wanting something you know you shouldn’t be wanting and a snap back to reality.

The song, “HELLO” was produced, mixed and mastered by VJ productions. Vj productions has done major works and collaborations with singers like Judy K, Chidinma e.t.c

“HELLO” is a master piece from the opening notes to final fade-out and it is an amazing piece in the modern music industry. It is a MUST LISTEN!


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