The Big Brother Naija reality show season 6 has been set and is approved by their sponsors and administration.

Having experienced the class of the Big Brother reality show, millions of the African Citizens, most especially, the Nigerian citizens has been in a consistent anticipation as they muse to experience the season 6 reality show of it.

The 5th season of the Big Brother Naija reality show which premiered from July 19th to 27th September 2020 according to commends was named one of the greatest Big Brother Naija reality show following how their housemates was so passionate amidst the drama they portrayed and deployed via their grinds.

You’d be aspiring to be recognised as one of their housemates for the 2021 saga. Here is the required information you need to know about the 2021 Big Brother Naija season 6.

The audition saga in no way has changed. The venue is still constant as it was positioned during the 2019 audition. In 2019 audition the venue was positioned in States like Enugu, Ibadan, Calabar, Warri, Benin, Lagos, Abuja, Porta Harcourt.

It’s however never an easy task to be named one of the successful applicant for the Big Brother Naija reality show for the audition is always over crowded.

Last year, over 5000 Nigerian youths applied for the reality show audition which professed it as one of the most over crowded audition by numbers in Nigeria.

26 people are picked from each states applicants for further Audition.

Everything you need to know about the 2021 Big Brother Naija reality show season 6

A look at the Big Brother Naija Season 5 reality show saga

Before we provide the necessary information for the incoming season 6 reality show, we would have to recall the iconic memories of the season 5 which was professed as the best reality show ever by the fans.

The Big Brother Naija reality show season 5 was portrayed by 20 fortunate housemates who are known as Brighto, Dorathy, Erica Ka3na, Kaisha, Kiddwaya, Laycon, Lilo, Lucy, Nengi, Neo, Ozo, Praise, Prince, Tochi, Tolanibaj, Trikytee, Vee and Wathoni.

Their class was staged as fans created their favouritism immediately the reality show started.

In the beginning, Nengi was seen as one of the prettiest girl in the house. This attracted many fan base to her. Laycon was viewed as one of the most penury victim which thrust people’s mockery on him as they outlined that he shouldn’t be there. This however attracted thousands of street fan base to him.

Dorathy was immediately noticed via how big and sexy her boobs was flaunted. She bagged multiple fan base with such. Erica was seen as the favouritism for the price because of her fame_ she was already known as a Nollywood actress. Kiddwaya was known for his constant bombast about his fathers wealth amidst his multi billionaire son status. Others were viewed as the victims of mediocre.

The show went deep when relationships, clash and rivals emerged among the housemates as they dream for the huge price which will be claimed by the winner.

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